Comment 61 for bug 1256591

Either these are to separate issues, or title and most of the comments are misleading.

As suggested per Rerunning kdeinit4 would make this work also for current logged in session/user. It happens to seem to work for root, because by changing user new session (kdeinit, klauncher, kded, and dbus) is created. Using any other user but root works just fine as well. On the other hand, logging in (KDM) as root, root cannot access files over PTP via kio_kamera as described, but su - anyuser and run "kioclient ls 'camera:/'"... works like a charm. I am reasonably certain permissions play no role in this case.

Unfortunately I am not very versed in topics DBus and debugging thereof, so I could only help by providing details upon request. My very wild guess would be timing issue (kdeinit (its children)/DBus), race during session creation.

These observations are made with up to date patched Slack 14.1. (i.e. KDE 4.10.5, gphoto 2.5.2, dbus 1.6.12).