Comment 45 for bug 998712

Wolf Rogner (war-rsb) wrote :

Lots of speculations here.

My internal DNS server is My fallback is the secondary which acts as DNS forwarder and proxy to the third and others.

The resolver works its way down: All things well =>
Main server down: will serve rudimentary internal services and redirects all requests to external DNSs
The third server is there as we need two DNS servers for official domain name registrations.

I have another issue: If dnsmasq is on via Network Manager opening a VPN connection to a remote site violates all name resolution to internal addresses (10.x.x.x).

Here is the catch:

If I turn off dnsmasq, all things work as expected. Names get resolved correctyl in all networks (internal, remote and external).

I travel a lot and have my notebook set to attach in all these networks automatically. It worked fine until dnsmasq was introduced.

I doubt that dnsmasq queries D-Bus for name resolution. And even if so, I question if there is an order that says D-bus, then resolv.conf or vice versa. To verify this, I will download the source and look into how dnsmasq works internally.

I even question if my current understanding how DNS works is even accurate. There are so many RFCs that cover DNS mDNS and others that I need to update my knowledge first. I would not want you to search for something that actually does not exist.

All I can confirm at the moment is that disabling dnsmasq (even if that implies doing this on a multitude of machines) leads to a constantly working infrastructure with far better performance.