Comment 32 for bug 998712

Wolf Rogner (war-rsb) wrote :

Now I understand what you are getting at (took me a long time).

I can confirm that my DNS server serves any request from inside the network. I have a log on the router monitoring outgoing traffic. Under NO circumstances is a DNS request going out UNLESS the internal server is down but the clients still have their DHCP settings.

I verify this regularly as part of my error testing procedures. This is why I even use an external DNS server as my bind forwards DNS requests in case it cannot resolve them itself.

Now there could be a client timeout (which occures in very rare cases, say once a year per client). In that case, the browser (which is the only app that might get affected) will simply provide a 404 page and a reload usually works.

None of my dnsmasqed clients requests from the external server when our internal bind is up.

I will try to put dnsmasq into strict mode for testing.

Get back to you with results after some time.

Merry Christmas