Comment 16 for bug 998712

Thomas Hood (jdthood) wrote :

Wolf: I forgot to mention earlier that the reason I have to keep asking questions is that I am unable to reproduce the problem here. On my system, domain name completion works as expected with NetworkManager+dnsmasq.

I just tried installing nscd to see if that made any difference, but it did not seem to do so; so I don't need to ask you if you are using nscd. Also adding entries to /etc/hosts didn't seem to make any difference, so I don't have to ask about /etc/hosts either.

Does "dig @ s4.rsb.intern" work on the affected system running NM-controlled dnsmasq? If it does work then I think we can conclude that the dnsmasq at behaves the same way as the nameserver at and that your issue is not dnsmasq-related; then we can start looking elsewhere for the cause of the problem.

My next guess would be that the resolver library on the affected system can't read /etc/resolv.conf.