Comment 1 for bug 337284

danwood76 ha scritto:
> Public bug reported:
> Binary package hint: dmraid
> My two ISW raid 0 sets work fine with the previous version of dmraid (rc14 in intrepid).
> I have been constantly checking the daily builds of jaunty to see if they works in alpha 4 where they didnt work at all.
> With the latest daily build and version of dmraid my RAID sets fail to activate.
> Here is the output of dmraid -ay:
> sudo dmraid -ay
> RAID set "isw_bbbbfiiiih_HD1" already active
> RAID set "isw_cjfgejeghi_HD3" already active
> ERROR: dos: partition address past end of RAID device
> RAID set "isw_bbbbfiiiih_HD11" already active

Can you paste please the output of dmraid -ay -vvv -d ?