Comment 4 for bug 159680

In Gutsy, amavisd-new and dkim-milter have the same version that Debian had
when we had the upstream version freeze.

I considered asking for a waiver for DKIM-Milter 2.0.2, but decided not to
because DKIM-Milter version 2 and higher do not support pre-RFC format
signature verification. At the time I made the decision, Google was still
using the pre-RFC format, so that seemed premature.

The dkim-base support in DKIM-Milter 1.2 is mature. DKIM-SSP is still being
developed and will change, so from a feature perspective it's not compelling
right now. The DKIM-Milter package in Gutsy also has a number of patches I
pulled back from later versions via Sourceforge, so should be robust and
useful for the 18 month life for Gutsy.

As it happens, the DKIM-Milter package for 2.0.2 had a grave flaw that would
have been extremely problematic had we released with it (which is why Debian
removed it from Lenny).