Comment 9 for bug 395814

Viktor Hollmann (vh-klikni) wrote :

After upgrading to Alpha 6 (full upgraded at 19th September 4:00 AM GMT), my Samsung Q320 (the load-in CD drive TSST-TS-633A, no HW button) is able to recognize and mount the CD, the "eject" command from terminal is working under user account, but:

1. The CD icon on desktop has no option to eject (just unmount)
2. In Nautilus, the "eject/unmount" icon
3. As mentioned in Bug#297962 (Samsung notebooks backlight control keys don't work), the keyboard shortcut for optical drive eject doesn't work. The keyboard code for DVD/CD eject is e03a. It looks, that this problem is general for all Samsung notebooks with load-in CD/DVD drives