Comment 3 for bug 502688

Jon Charge (seropith) wrote :

Hi. I have reopened the bug. I don't think we are on the same page here, but uf we are, and I'm not realizing it, please reclose the bug.

The reason I'm reopening the bug: I'm speaking of mounting and unmounting entries already in FSTAB. I'm not speaking of manipulating (ADD, DELETE, CHANGE)ing entries from fstab. The entires that generated this bug were EXT4 (Which can safely be said... an "ubuntu" partition.

Also, when we authenticate as "root", we are taking responsibility for anything that may go wrong. Albeit, it would be hard to unmount the root partition (or any other partition on use). Please note, I'm not speaking of any manipulation of the entries, jsut mount and unmount. (You must unmount to FSCK, or reformat, etc).