Comment 47 for bug 445852

I contacted Leann on the kernel team and asked for some advice, and this is her response. I'm not at home, but at UDS so can't try this right now.. be good if someone else could:-

"Thanks for the heads up Alan. I'll get this bug on our list for review.
It seems this has been forwarded upstream as well:

Care to give the latest upstream mainline kernel builds a test: is the latest upstream stable kernel (which we're going to
release as an SRU for karmic):

The Karmic kernel for SRU with the patches is currently baking
in Stefan's PPA (2.6.31-16-51~pre2):

2.6.32-rc6 is the latest 2.6.32 release candidate

Might not hurt to give both the and 2.6.32-rc6 kernels a test
and confim the issue remains. Then relay the info to both the upstream
bug and lp bug."