Comment 11 for bug 553759

Zakhar (alainb06) wrote :

> > - do gnome-keyring handle UTF-8 filenames (maybe specification says it does not... and thus client calling
> it with UTF-8 is buggy)

> it seems it doesn't handle those correctly or this bug would not be opened

Wow... a program written in the 21st century that do not handle UTF-8. Shouldn't we fire the one that built the architecture of that!

I share your analysis
- about the fact that gnome-keyring should still do proper things when handled a filename it does not support.
- and indeed I wonder why the filename was localized. It doesn't help either when you read documentation to try to understand things, as most of the documentation is written in English, and would probably mention this file as "default.keyring" which you wouldn't find on a systems with French, Greek, Russian, etc...

About this bug, something has to be done as currently, without the workaround you suggested, Ubuntu One is broken in most non-english Ubuntus. Network Manager, although not broken, is annoying and keeps asking you for the password of you Wifi as it cannot retrieve the previous keyring file (yet to be fully confirm as I don't have Wifi myself, and it's illegal to crack you neighbour Wifi, even for the sake of a test!)

Considering that gnome-keyring is unaware of UTF-8, isn't the simpler thing reverting to the English name for that file: default.keyring

And about gnome-keyring, should I open a "bug" or "suggestion", to urge them consider UTF-8?