Comment 10 for bug 553759

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

> - do gnome-keyring handle UTF-8 filenames (maybe specification says it does not... and thus client calling it with UTF-8 is buggy)

it seems it doesn't handle those correctly or this bug would not be opened

> - is specification says that gnome-keyring works with UTF-8 filenames, try to call it with filenames having letters outside ASCII7 and see if there is no bug.

there is no specification about that but gnome-keyring should either refuse to create a keyring with a name if this one is incorrect or handle it correctly so either way it's a bug

> - if at this point there is no bug, it is most certainly the caller that has a poor handling of UTF-8, of that kepts somewhere, hardcoded, filenames like login.keyring/default.keyring

there is still a bug, or at least the client has no reason to translate the keyring naming it's using, it's asking for trouble if the user ever change locale for example