Comment 3 for bug 347913

Mantas Kriaučiūnas (mantas) wrote :

Binary package hint: deborphan

Most Ubuntu and Debian packages that depend on dialog package specify whiptail as an alternative. Would it be possible to make it so for deborphan as well? It's the only package preventing me from removing dialog in favor of the other.
Whiptail package is in Ubuntu main archive, while dialog is in universe, so, please change deborphan recommends to "whiptail | dialog"

Few years ago such bugreport was reported in Debian BTS (, previous deborphan maintainer closed this bug, because he didn't have time to test how deborphan works with newest whiptail... At 2008 deborphan got new, more active maintainer, so, maybe this time orphaner will start to work with whiptail too ? ;)