Comment 26 for bug 62986

ChrisKelley (ckelley) wrote :

Hi all, I just found this via Google. Was attempting a net install to a Pentium 4 I just got. The first failure bricked the box. Now I set up pxe server and it has frozen again. First time was at 5%, now at 6%. Was using ubuntu gutsy alt cd and this time, xubuntu alt cd from the pxe server. Not real sure how to go forward. Will keep trying. Next, will try to tell it to read from the CD-ROM (which the bios/mo-board cannot boot from). If there is a way I can give more info, please reply.

Oh, wait... Wow, 40~50 minutes after it froze at 6%, it picked up again. (literally, just this instant) The first time, I selected LAMP server and some stuff, this time only Xubuntu desktop. Looks like it's running now.