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Bug #1703711: dahdi_dynamic_ethmf,dahdi_echocan_kb1,oct612x,wcaxx,wcte13xp,wcte43x,xpd_echo drivers missing Undecided Confirmed 22 weeks

From: Lee Burton
Link: dahdi.patch


Bug #1338634: ubuntu trusty dahdi-dkms does not install due to compile errors and missing files Undecided Confirmed 363 weeks

From: BitBrusher
Link: patch.diff

Patch that address the first part of the problem (third part patch - can't find the source site. sorry).

Bug #1338578: dahdi-dkms does not install. Crash. Undecided New 363 weeks

From: BitBrusher
Link: patch.diff


Bug #1312421: Cannot rebuild dahdi-dkms (1: : unknown field ‘drv_attrs’ specified in initializer .drv_attrs = xpp_attrs Medium Confirmed 367 weeks

From: ano
Link: patch.diff

patch for Ubuntu 14.04 /usr/src/dahdi-

Bug #1133658: dahdi-dkms 1: dahdi kernel module failed to build [wctdm.c:2587:22: error: expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or ‘__attribute__’ before ‘wctdm_init_one’] Undecided Confirmed 420 weeks

From: Doug Haber
Link: 1133658.patch

Patch to allow building the modules

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