Comment 17 for bug 311029

Martin Lindhe (martinlindhe) wrote :

Andreas wrote "If I understand the debian/rules file correctly, the --without-libssh2 option should only affect libcurl3-gnutls and not libcurl3?"

gnutls is "Transport Layer Security, a network protocol and successor to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)", it is unrelated to ssh.

Andreas wrote "Futher it seems like the command line curl uses the (openssl) libcurl3?"

Correct. however this bug is about missing sftp (ssh) support and not about missing ssl support (it is indeed there).

Andreas wrote "The problem with curl and libcurl3 seems more related to a specific Ubuntu delta. That is that Ubuntu drops the build-dependency on libssh2-1-dev."

According to mine and others previously analysis the rules/debian file are from Debian repo who also have disabled ssh support. See related upstream bug

Andreas wrote "When I rebuilt curl 7.21.0-1ubuntu1 (current maverick) with libssh2-1-dev readded as a build dependency sftp support worked just fine."

How so? the rules/debian file shipped has a "--without-libssh2" configure paramater which seems to be the cause of the error.