Comment 7 for bug 995111

Till Kamppeter (till-kamppeter) wrote :

New CUPS package with the following (and some addtional) fixes uploaded to precise-proposed (proposed updates for 12.04 (Precise)):

 - Crash and busy loop fixes on the USB backend
 - "usblp" kernel module blacklisted again as it also causes problems with the new USB backend
 - Lots of fixes on the IPP backend and also on the IPP server part in the CUPS daemon
 - Other networking issues

These fixes should address most of the bugs reported shortly after the release of Precise, especially the problems with USB printing and network printing. As soon as the package is approved and made available for testing and additional comment with installation instructions will get posted here. Please test the new package then and report here whether this solves your problems. We will decide on the results whether the package will be made an official update for Precise.

Please remove/cancel all jobs and turn off and turn on your printer before testing.

debdiff attached.