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Till Kamppeter (till-kamppeter) wrote :

I have uploaded a modified CUPS package to my PPA now. Please add my PPA to your system as described on

in the section "Adding this PPA to your system" and then install the new CUPS package, preferably by simply doing a full system update. The CUPS version must be 1.5.3-0ubuntu2~ppa3.

This CUPS version contains two IPP backends: One is called "ipp" and is the new one of CUPS 1.5.x. This version does not work with your printer. The other is called "ipp14" and is the IPP backend of CUPS 1.4.x, the backend which got used in Natty (11.04) and Oneiric (11.10 with all updates). This backend should work with your printer, as Ubuntu 11.10 worked for you.

So I want to ask you to test with this backend.

Here are ways to get it used:

1. In a terminal window, run the command

lpstat -v

This gives you a list with all print queues. Entries for your non-working printer look like this:

device for ipp-printer: ipp://

The word after "device for" is the name of the print queue, the string after the colon is the URI (Unified Resource Identifier) for your print queue.

You need to change your URI so that it starts with "ipp14://" instead of "ipp://". This you do with the command

lpadmin -p <queue name> -v ipp14://<rest of the URI>

or in this example with

lpadmin -p ipp-printer -v ipp14://

After that make sure the print queue is cleared and enabled:

cancel -a
cupsenable ipp-printer

and try to print. Does it work now?

2. Create a print queue with system-config-printer (click gear icon in the upper right, then choose "Printers" in the menu, or run the command "system-config-printer &" in a terminal window).

Click the "Add" button (with the green "+"), click "Network Printer" to open the network printer part, choose "Internet Printing Protocol (ipp14)", then enter the URI for your printer in the upper right, like


Important is that you use the IP of your printer and that the URI starts with "ipp14://". Click "Forward", then manually choose manufacturer and model of the printer if needed, choose the driver if needed (the recommended one is pre-selected), "Forward", enter desired queue name and finish the wizard.

3. If you have a print queue with a "dnssd://..." URI you can find out the corresponding "ipp://..." URI by printing a job on it (job will not actually print on your printer) and then search your error_log for "ipp://...". Use this URI with the "ipp:" replaced by "ipp14:". Create an appropriate queue as described under 1. or 2..

Try to print on your new print queue now. It should work.