Comment 119 for bug 902535

The new lexmark driver for Ubuntu 12.04 has been published in september 2012 . Can you please test your SX05 ( 305, 405 etc...) with the 1.02 driver from lexmark ?

Here is the direct link for 64 bits

it only concerns seome printers :

Lexmark Interpret S409, Lexmark Prospect Pro209, Lexmark Impact S302, Lexmark Interact S608, Lexmark Prevail Pro702, Lexmark Interpret S405, Lexmark Prospect Pro205, Lexmark Intuition S505, Lexmark Impact S305, Lexmark Interact S602, Lexmark Intuition S508, Lexmark Intuition S502, Lexmark Impact S308, Lexmark Interpret S408, Lexmark Interpret S402, Lexmark Platinum Pro902, Lexmark Prestige Pro802, Lexmark Prevail Pro706, Lexmark Prospect Pro208, Lexmark Prospect Pro202, Lexmark Platinum Pro905, Lexmark Interact S605, Lexmark Prestige Pro805, Lexmark Prevail Pro705, Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901, Lexmark Platinum Pro908, Lexmark Prestige Pro808, Lexmark Interact S606, Lexmark Prevail Pro708, Lexmark Genesis S815, Lexmark Genesis S816, Lexmark Prevail Pro709, Lexmark Impact S301

If this works for a S405 , we will close this bug and open a new one for 08Z series

It does not concerns 2 printers (08Z) I still have problems on USB with :

- X4650

- X2650