Comment 61 for bug 881843

I have filed three new bugs upstream now for these issues. This is deliberate since I know upstream are reluctant to work around every possible print server bug from last time.

This is the original bug regarding Novell print servers, and the patch is the same as in comment #12 here.

This covers the remainder of the patches here, and attempts to sort out the Livebox2 issues. As disabling chunking is seen as a large change to work around one printer server's bugs, this is unlikely to be accepted upstream unfortunately. Does anyone know if OS X Lion compatibility has been filed as an issue with Orange France or Sagem?

This is the bug where print data can be lost if the print server does not support HTTP 1.1 (fixed in comment #46 here). I separated this bug out since this is a true (if rarely triggered) bug in upstream, as opposed to a workaround for print server bugs. This may well get fixed, but will achieve nothing for Livebox2 users without the chunking patches being included too.