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Yousry Abdallah (yousry-abdallah) wrote :

Here is a workaround for the problem:

Patch brdcp7030lpr-2.0.2-1.i386.deb cupswrapperDCP7030-2.0.2-1.i386.deb for NN

  dpkg doesn't understand the the libc version 2.13-0ubuntu13 >= 2.3.4-1

 remove the libc dependency


Create a directory.
move the .deb files into the directory
open a shell
change dir into the directory

For each package do the following:

1. dpkg -x [package].deb common
2. dpkg --control [package].deb
3. vim DEBIAN/control
4. remove the "Dependency: libc (..." line (move to line than press 'dd' than ESC:x)
5. cp -a DEBIAN/ common/
6. dpkb -b common [package].deb
7. dpkg --force-all -i [package].deb
8. rm -rf common DEBIAN

With some additional tweaking (read the other manuals) you should be able to use your printer. The Scanner should work without these steps.

The state of Linux device drivers is really worsening day by day :(