Comment 6 for bug 1061063

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

This bug was fixed in the package cups - 1.6.1-0ubuntu10

cups (1.6.1-0ubuntu10) quantal-proposed; urgency=low

  * debian/patches/forward-port-cups-1-5-x-cups-browsing.patch: Re-introduced
    CUPS Browsing/Broadcasting for automatic discovery of shared CUPS printers
    on the local network. We will keep this for the Quantal cycle until we
    get automatic discovery of Bonjour-broadcasted printers, which most
    probably needs to be implemented in the application's print dialogs. This
    will only be possible to be done in Quantal+1 (13.04). The patch is large
    but all code added worked very well in many generations of CUPS and the
    code added back in smoothly without need of alterations of the existing
    code (LP: #1061063, LP: #1061069).
  * debian/rules: Set "./configure" arguments
    "--with-local_protocols='CUPS dnssd' --with-remote_protocols='CUPS dnssd'"
    to make the re-introduction of CUPS Browsing/Broadcasting work correctly.
  * debian/cups.postinst: Do not remove the "Browse..." keywords from cupsd.conf
    any more as we have re-introduced the Browsing/Broadcasting functionality.
  * debian/patches/fix-another-spot-where-avahi-crashes-cupsd-because-it-does-not-handle-null-values-from-its-own-apis.patch:
    Fix another spot where Avahi crashes cupsd because it does not handle NULL
    values returned by its own APIs (CUPS STR #4200, LP: #1041013).
  * debian/patches/ipp-backend-did-not-send-cancel-request-to-printers-when-a-job-was-canceled-and-printer-did-not-support-create-job.patch:
    The IPP backend did not send a cancel request to printers when a job was
    canceled and the printer did not support Create-Job. This is to improve the
    "ipp" backend as much as possible to reduce the ned of the "ipp14" backend
    ("ipp" backend of CUPS 1.4.x added to the Debian/Ubuntu package as fallback
    in case of regressions of the current "ipp" backend).
 -- Till Kamppeter <email address hidden> Fri, 5 Oct 2012 20:56:30 +0200