Comment 8 for bug 475936

Other testcase comments : Steven you've left "swap" instead of "tmp" at some place ;-)

Also, the system _will_ boot successfully but with a short (almost invisible on a fast system) warning message that some fstab-defined partitions couldn't be mounted _if_ the fstab entry for /tmp has "0" for fsck pass.

Then, the system boots but has /tmp unmounted so actually /tmp data goes into the rootfs, unencrypted (and that makes a security issue).

According to my experience, the system will fail booting only if /tmp has a non-zero number for fsck pass in fstab ; then you'll get the failure (for fsck fails) and "Type root password or Ctrl-D to continue booting" message.

But it doesn't sound so logical to perform a fsck at boot on a filesystem that's just been created from scratch and will be everytime, so there are systems (mine) where the fsck pass for /tmp is set to zero, causing the system to boot with no encrypted /tmp at all, which is not very visible...