Comment 26 for bug 475936


I've tested "Version: 2:1.0.6+20090405.svn49-1ubuntu7.2" from karmic-proposed, and I'm not sure whether the issue is completely fixed or not :

At first reboot after having installed the package, I found myself in the following situation :
System displayed :

 * Starting init crypto disks...
* c_swap (starting)
* c_swap (started)...
* c_tmp (starting)
* c_tmp (started)...
* c_home (running)... [OK]
* Stopping NTP server ntpd
* Starting NTP server ntpd
* Stopping NTP server ntpd
* Starting NTP server ntpd

(Now the system waits here "forever", network is down, doesn't ping, keyboard unresponsive)

Pressing [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[Del], I got :

init: network-interface (lo) pres-start process (1022) killed by TERM signal
init: usplash main process (1696) killed by TERM signal
mountall: Job failed to start
/tmp: waiting for /dev/mapper/c_tmp
/home: waiting for /dev/mapper_c_home
swap: waiting for /dev/mapper/c_swap
/proc/bus/usb: waiting for none
 * Deconfiguring network interfaces

(Now the system waits here "forever", ignoring any keyboard action including [CTRL]-[Alt]-[Del]. Got scared of having an unbootable machine...)

=> I rebooted using MagicSysRq

=> Then the system booted fine, at the end all encrypted volumes are mounted, including /tmp

=> Then I rebooted again, and got again a good boot process ending with all encrypted devices properly mounted

So I wonder...