Comment 19 for bug 475936

I ran mountall with logging (per Steve's request on comment #15) by calling mountall (in mountall.conf) with :

exec mountall --daemon -v $force_fsck $fsck_fix $tmptime > /dev/.mountall.log

The matter is that 1st time I rebooted with that I ended up with... encrypted /tmp properly mounted !

Then I rebooted and ended up with... /tmp not mounted (as usual) !

Then I rebooted a 3rd time and ended up with... /tmp mounted again !

As it never worked before and with logging turned on it works... or not... or yes... I assume that's because logging slows down mountall a bit, leaving more time for cryptsetup/mke2fs to hopefully finish their job in time...?

Anyway I attach 2 logs :
- .mountall-1.log : 1st time, ending with /tmp properly mounted
- .mountall-2.log : 2nd time, /tmp didn't mount