Comment 25 for bug 780972

Jason Gerard DeRose (jderose) wrote :

Jono: so I had just gotten to clearly figuring out that the problem is CouchDB, not desktopcouh.

dc3 isn't my proposed solution... it's my own hair brained thing, but I basically wrote it trying to figure out this bug, and now it has taken on a life of its own (for me anyway). Tomorrow I'm going to look closely at the CouchDB and Erlang diff between Natty and Oneric.

Martin: I'm happy to try and figure out this bug, although there likely is someone on the Ubuntu One team that could figure it out faster. Also, thanks for your blog post and IRC session on PyGI... they're still the best documentation out there :-D

Ubuntu One Team: Here's what I know so far: desktopcouch is correctly writing the CouchDB config, and is correctly oauth signing requests to CouchDB, but CouchDB for some reason isn't correctly verifying the oauth signed requests. Basic auth requests still work though.