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Bug #64067: a progress bar for 'cp' and 'mv' Wishlist Triaged 261 weeks

From: Høst
Link: CPogMV.xz

Compiled binaries with the progress bar included

Bug #882147: overlayfs does not implement inotify interfaces correctly Undecided In Progress 299 weeks

From: Li Jianguo
Link: overlayfs_inotify.patch


Bug #1088131: ls --color doesn't recognize an arc archive as an archive Low Triaged 309 weeks

From: Javier López
Link: coreutils_8.20-3ubuntu6.debdiff


Bug #1187044: du man page -- explanation about --separate-dirs too terse Low Triaged 311 weeks

From: C de-Avillez
Link: du--sep-docs.patch

proposed (still to be committed) upstream patch

Bug #787307: ls --color can't be interrupted when processing large directory Undecided Confirmed 418 weeks

From: Nate Eldredge
Link: ls.diff

patch for the bug

Bug #591969: dd: cryptic error message when bs=<unreasonably large value> Low Triaged 467 weeks

From: C de-Avillez
Link: dd.patch

better error message for unreasonably large blocksizes

Bug #535102: expand doesn't support multibyte characters (utf-8) Low Triaged 481 weeks

From: Herbert Thielen
Link: expand.c.patch


Bug #51106: Calculations by "date" are wrong Undecided Triaged 505 weeks

From: Ondřej Vašík
Link: getdate_5_timerelsignedoffset.patch


Bug #238321: groups script output change gutsy -> hardy Low Triaged 572 weeks

From: John Pybus
Link: groups.patch


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