Comment 11 for bug 181731

Radoslaw (radw) wrote :

It seems the issue has two roots (at least for Polish translation):

1. upstream translation - similiar issue is also visible in other distributions than Ubuntu.

Solution is fixing translation due to the guideline at upstream .po file:

#. For best results (df header/column alignment), ensure that
#. your translation has the same length as the original.
#. Also, each column name translation should end at the same
#. column as the corresponding original.
#: src/df.c:163

The guidline is present in more recent coreutils package than 7.4 (that on Ubuntu 10.04), I don't know exactly at what version it was added. The above is taken from coreutils 8.8 po/pl.po you can find at upstream site).

2. Ubuntu translation - the df output is even more shifted than the original one

Solution/workaround is the same as above.

For Polish translation there is a patch provided within bug report that has been marked as duplicate of this bug:

link to the patch file: