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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :

After evaluating dependencies, required further changes and mostly maintainability for security and packaging it was decided there are too many concerns - not about any single package in particular, but the overall Mailman3 stack - about the ability to maintain and monitor it as well as we need it for support in main.

We have closed the primary LP bug already, the MIRs that are already approved - like this one - will stay that way, but we will make no seed change to pull things in for now. Yet if other needs come up for those they have a prepared MIR already.
Other bugs which are not yet completed in terms of review will be closed as Won't Fix.

Even thou it ended being aborted, I think that is a valid outcome of the MIR evaluations. Never the less I want to thank everybody involved for all the work spent in what was nearly a year working through these MIRs.