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Bug #1614942: "GLib-CRITICAL" messages keep appearing in log file High Triaged 222 weeks

From: David Hines
Link: glib-critical.patch


Bug #984962: Uses wrong pkg-config for dbus test when cross-building [SRU] High Incomplete 458 weeks

From: Wookey
Link: consolekit-0.4.5-cross-pkg-config.patch


Bug #517323: Long time delay from ck-get-x11-server-pid with remote DISPLAY Undecided Confirmed 573 weeks

From: Joe Mullally
Link: ck-get-x11-server-pid.c.patch

Return early when remote DISPLAY variable set

Bug #483130: If 'startx' is run from within a text console, ConsoleKit session is not marked 'active' Undecided Confirmed 584 weeks

From: Paul Donohue
Link: patch

Patch for 90consolekit

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