Comment 9 for bug 919899

Do we even know what the intended behaviour is? As it is now, we have:

dead_acute + c => ç
dead_grave + c => [nothing]
compose + apostrophe + c => ç
compose + comma + c => ç

Three ways to type ç (perhaps AltGr-, works too on some layouts), and none to type a c with an acute accent. That certainly cannot be intended behaviour! At the least, I think having compose + apostrophe + c as a needless duplication of compose + comma + c makes no sense.

Just to be clear, there are no satisfactory alternatives:
- Changing keyboard layout is not an option: just because I occasionally want to write a Croatian name (for instance), doesn't mean I can write Croatian nor that I am familiar with the Croatian keyboard layout. If I had to do it to be able to type any of the letters, that would be different, but all the others are right there, along with the Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Danish letters etc—and ç (I need ç too, but I don't need to type it in three ways…).
- Memorizing numerical codes is something I had to do on Windows, and I would prefer to have left that behind me.
- Fábián's workaround looked interesting but I haven't tried it, for fear of the flaws he found in it.