Comment 33 for bug 933776

They must be racing to fix any other critical bugs right now. I think we
should try to wait a bit longer to see what can be done to solve this. I
think this issue may be worse than it looks from related bug reports and
experience. Have you had windows sometimes fly out of the workspace? I even
have been getting invisible windows after this happens! Windows focused but
that flew away from the current workspace and are nowhere to be found and
cannot be recovered (maybe they stopped being painted?)?

This is certainly being looked for by one of the devs soon (or so I hope),
but there's probably so much they can do when a release was just published.
I'd prefer to have some feedback from the devs, but not if it is at cost of
develop time.

This bug is a major issue for me too (even more if the windows disappear
and I can't see them to save my work!), but lets try to be a bit more