Comment 164 for bug 933776


> So while you undo the "hack" why don't you just change - fix the shortcut in the compiz config settings to correspond to the fix ? ( Assign super-W to initiate window picker ) So noone will notice the fix.

you can find the reason in comment #158 I wrote a bit earlier, the configuration is user-owned and there is no way we can change user config behind that back for several reasons:

- the user config belongs to the user, it would feel wrong to change user settings behind their back, the package management tools don't touch user datas ...

- I'm sure you can understand some users would feel uneasy knowing that their datas might be changed by the system behind their back ... how to know which ones, what if something was set the way it was for a reason

- the user directory might not be accessible, it might be protected or unmounted