Comment 163 for bug 933776


> This fixes everything (tm).

that would change the behaviour of super-W for users upgrading though no?

> will still leave all the other bugs that would be fixed by reverting the offending commit (flying windows, ...)

that's a different issue from the one this bug is about, this bug is ""Initiate Window Picker for All Windows" does not show all windows. It shows only windows from curent workspace.". There is no discussion that we should fix other bugs if they exist but:

- the number of comments "complaining" that things are broken make it hard to find where the informations are in the bug

- one bug report should describe one issue, that bug is about the picker acting on one workspace when it's supposed to include others ones. if you have other issues I would be happy to find resources in the desktop team to look at them and to help to get them resolved but please open a new bug with a short and explanatory description (better if users don't come to turn that one is a flood of comments as well so we can keep the discussion focussed on resolving that issue)

> I don't know what feedback you get from corporate users (employees won't come here to report bugs) but I know several small businesses (50-150 employees) that suffer from this bug.

We didn't get customers complains about that issue and nobody at Canonical has been complaining about it either.

Most people running unity just use the unity-launcher and click on the icons and get what they want, or they use the documented super-W which acts as documented.

In all the years I've been using GNOME/compiz or unity I never felt the need to use an "overview of all the wins open over all desktops" ... that would be a lot of things displayed and my workspaces are often organized by activity so the overview makes more sense to me when it's restricted to the workspace/context I'm working with. That's just to say that different people have different workflow and what might seem an end of the world issue is a no issue for others...

( note that I mention unity there because it's the desktop we ship and provide support for ... I do understand that some of you run compiz in other context though and that's fine and should work without bug as well)

In any case your users seem to have a workflow built around that feature and it would be good to fix the issue so let's focus on that