Comment 151 for bug 933776

@desgua; that's because it is the current implementation, and people generally don't comment if they are happy with the status quo.

We had *a lot* of requests from the community to make the change described in bug #689733, so this debate is really is 6 of one, half a dozen of another.

If we were to change the behaviour around to what it was before bug #689733 was implemented I guarantee we will have an equal number of people complaining that "I use workspaces to segment tasks/areas of life/contexts, for example I have one workspace for personal stuff I use in my lunch break, another workspace I use for work, and another workspace dedicated to the report I am working on. I use workspaces so that I can focus on the task at hand, please don't always display windows from other workspaces that I am not currently using."

The issue is that there are several valid different ways of using workspaces, and we don't want to make a change that will inconvenience all the users who requested that we make the change described in bug #689733 in the first place.

This is why this bug requests that this behaviour is made configurable in System Settings:


"- In the short term what we can do is expose this option in 'System Settings / Keyboard / Shortcuts'. We can add two new actions to this panel:

'Spread all windows on the current workspace' (default setting: Super+W)
'Spread all windows on all workspaces' (default setting: Disabled)

and then it will be easy for users to choose the behaviour that suites them best."


Can you see any alternative means of making all classes of workspace users happy without introducing this configuration option?