Comment 143 for bug 933776

I'm failing to see how is fixing this equvivalent to changing default behaviour. The problem is, as I understand, that in one moment Scale plugin's actions "Initiate window picker for all windows" and "Initiate window picker (for current workspace)" became the same - "Initiate window picker (for current workspace)". They both behave exactly the same way.

Instead to bind the shortcut to later action, they CHANGED the former to behave exactly like the later. The result - an important functionality is thrown out because it was easier to make "Initiate window picker for all windows" behave exactly like "Initiate window picker (for current workspace)" , than to just bind the shortcut to "Initiate window picker (for current workspace)" and to leave "Initiate window picker for all windows" to be used if someone desires. I do not know any other way in Unity to drag and drop files between windows on different workspaces.