Comment 141 for bug 933776

Ok, I think this needs some clarification. The bug is not fixed because no dev had time to do it. It was actually fixed quite a long time ago, but the fix got reverted. Sadly, bugs like these are really hard to 'fix', because those do not really fit the SRU criteria. Stable releases can only have SRUable bugs fixed.

To fix this bug, it would mean to change the current *default behavior*. Fixes like these are unacceptable after Feature Freeze, so pushing a modification like this to Quantal and Precise is something that would have to be forced with the design teams and the release teams.

I created a fix (basing my work on what Bruno did), I pushed it to compiz, but the design team rejected the change, as it is too late to change the default behavior of keybindings. It's a complicated issue. I would rather have it fixed as well, but hm, that's not so easy to do 'paper-work' wise...