Comment 135 for bug 933776

Putting back to Confirmed for 12.04, since the commit in question was eventually reverted and the problem is more complex in 12.04 than it would first seem. The bug itself would be fixable, as known, but not without changing the default behavior for all users which is not wanted.

The desired 12.04 solution of having the default unchanged but adding two new shortcut keys to GNOME Control Center as described in the bug description would be otherwise acceptable, but it's tricky and there is no such work done. The problem as I understand it is that the current default key combo in 12.04 (but not in 12.10) is bound to the wrong action, so there would be a upgrade migration mechanism required and it still might have hard time getting accepted into a stable upgrade in fear of regressions.

Meanwhile, as this is now not included even in the next precise SRU, I created a PPA including the next proposed compiz SRU added with this fix - ppa:timo-jyrinki/compiz-12.04-fix-933776