Comment 58 for bug 92599

@Daniel and Chauncellor:

I seem to have exactly the same problems mentionned by Chauncellor :

- problem is only on Compiz 0.9 (NVidia GeForce GTS240, driver ver. 280.13 on x86_64)
- Problem only affects moving windows around and dragging icons.
- The very first window movement (right after logging in) works perfectly
- I have disabled DynamicTwinView : no improvement
- I have disabled Detect refresh rate in xorf.conf : no improvement
- I have forced refresh rate to 60Hz (this is what my monitor says) : no improvement
- I have set "Force full screen redraws on repaint : no improvement

So I'm not sure whether this is tearing or stuttering or something else but if Chauncellor
creates a new bug report, I'd like to know the bug number so please mention it in this thread.