Comment 0 for bug 901530

Ben Guzzardi (failedassertion) wrote :

Dragging a window to the right edge of the screen causes it to overlap the adjacent workspace by a few (between one and maybe four) pixels. This causes the unity launcher to disappear on the adjacent workspace, and clicking the app's icon in launcher to behave oddly (as the window is technically on the workspace, though not meaningfully so).

steps to reproduce:

- Pick a window on either of the left workspaces, ensure no windows are displayed on the other spaces
- Drag the window to the right edge, and snap it there (gold rectangle)
- Switch one workspace to the right

Expected behavior: Launcher is still visible, snapped window is not visible

Observed behavior: Launcher is hidden, a few pixels of the right edge of the snapped window are visible on the left edge of the workspace.

I am currently experiencing this bug in 12.04 (alpha 1, most recent updates were earlier today)

Left edge snap and top edge snap appear to work as expected.