Comment 42 for bug 878820

Le lun. 19 mars 2012 23:34:55 CET, Eric Bennett a écrit :
> Hi Karl,
> I should note in advance that at the end of the day, the fix posted up
> there ended up segfaulting my compiz after a few random updates to
> oneiric in mainline, I recompiled it a few times and eventually got so
> tired of it I just reverted back to natty after trying pangolin (it's
> not just broken there but *totally* broken, if I recall correctly the
> plugin completely fails to work) and finding it no better.
> I also tried nuking the *entire* compiz distro and all supporting
> infrastructure and rebuilding from source, but this is not much of a
> better solution either, random segfaults aplenty still.
> For those that wish to continue with this line of wrestling in oneiric or pangolin you will want to be checking , you can grab the source via git and recompile like so;
> git clone
> cd grid
> mkdir build
> cd build
> cmake ../
> make
> sudo make install
> But please keep in mind the problems I've iterated above and consider if
> you really want to go through this yourself.
> Best of luck.

I think it's probably easier to look at compiz-plugins-main history on
or one of the others, or maybe,
find the first offending commit, and revert it in the current package
source to rebuild the package.

note that i didn't say «easy» i said «easier». But anybody finding the
time to restore the cycling on left/right (whatever key si configured
to them) will have my gratitude.