Comment 202 for bug 862430

Koeny (dkoenigs) wrote :

Not certain if this applies to other users but this fix worked for me:

In ccsm, choose the composite plugin under the general settings area.

"Unredirect Fullscreen Windows" is checked.
"Unredirect Match" includes a list of window classes.

Click the "+" button to add a match. I then used the grab tool and added the fullscreen windows which had been experiencing flickers. Virtual Box is the one which has annoyed me the most because I consistently have multiple vbox instances open on different workspaces. When I grabbed a vbox instance it added "& !(class=VirtualBox)" to the "Unredirect Match"

Now vbox doesn't have the screen flicker any more! It would be nice not to have to manually add exceptions but this has worked for me so far.

Also, I don't know what undesirable consequences (if any) this fix has.