Comment 200 for bug 862430

experimancer (experimancer) wrote :

Well done Doug ( !!

your fix/hack/workaround or whatever you wish to call it is perfect, haven't had that awful flickering in my Ubuntu 12.04.02 compiz cube since installing it.

This is fantastic.

This bug has been reported here nearly two years ago, and it even got fixed (partly) by Ubuntu team, but never released (because of regressions etc) in such a form that it simply could be installed in stock Precise.

And now, just by copying that one to home dir's compiz plugin dir, and after login, everything is smooth and non-flickering. In nearly two years time I had got so used to this cube flickering that hardly remembered anymore what an relaxed and still and smoothly moving cube and windows felt like.

Thanks one more time, Doug, I owe you a beer or two for providing this simple hack for us ;-)