Comment 187 for bug 862430

experimancer (experimancer) wrote :

I can confirm that the bug is still in 12.04.02 LTS and there has been no progress to get ist resolved in compiz-core and the status has been "Triaged" for many months for this milestone (SRU-3).
So, I am also waiting for a some kind of a workaround to this display flickering during the 12.04 LTS lifetime. There has been some fixes in other compiz branches (and Ubunut releases) to this bug, with some regressions, but I'd be willing to accept them in order to get this bug fixed. It seems also that this affects the Cube plugin sometimes, so that the whole display freezes for while, and compiz does not respond at all., but after waiting for a while, the graphical display starts to work again (but the fickering stays, no matter what).