Comment 173 for bug 862430

mia1dolfan (mia1dolfan) wrote :

I just want to say that upgrading to Ubuntu 12.10 resolved this issue for me. As well a issue on [nvidia] where windows appear white at times. [not related to the white windows caused by the patch here] (there has been alot of different white window issues with Compiz). XRandR now works for the first time for Nvidia users, meaning Nvidia Binary users can use Ubuntu's tools to reconfigure monitor settings, the Nvidia tool still works, as well as Disper Indicator.

I have been using it all day stable, switching between single and dual monitors. The install went smooth. I suggest to 12.04 users to upgrade, I think most will agree 12.10 is what 12.04 should have been, the complete opposite of 10.04 -> 10.10.

Maybe if I donate or click some Amazon links, buy software from the Software Center, use it's cloud services they can grow to one day be able to focus more on LTS bugs because they will have a larger install base.