Comment 169 for bug 862430

Thank you for your reply. I had already read the whole thread including comments #111 and #132. I also had already installed your Compiz version but I suffered too much from bug #1011923 (white menus). I therefore came back to the last Compiz version available in precise but I got rid of the Cube and Cube Rotation plugins to only work with Viewports. This is presently the less buggy way I have found to work with Compiz. I however did not find a way to send a window in another viewport just using keyboard shortcuts. It is a bit boring to use the mouse for such a simple task, but that is not a drama.

I had worked with Compiz for several years (Berryl, Compiz, and Compiz Fusion) but I stopped using it about one year ago because it had become too bugged for my taste. I tried several desktops for months but none gave me all the features that I was looking for. I guess I had been too spoiled with Compiz :-) I tried Compiz again this summer but I was very disappointed. Your answer and what I saw during the last couple of Months give me hope back.

I am happily surprised that there are only 3 regression bugs left for the correction of the bug described in this thread. If I remember well, there were a dozen of them in August. I must say that I am amazed by the Compiz team and by yourself for the number of bugs that had been corrected during the last couple of months for Compiz 0.9.8, period over which I have followed this thread. I am very impatient to try it. You all deserve the congratulations several people have expressed here.