Comment 3 for bug 723014

Ngassam Nkwenga (cyrildz) wrote :

I'm the one who post the bug 733409, I re-put here what I said before as I think it is a path of the solution for this weird problem :

every time I open a new window, this one hasn't the focus,
what is expected is that this window gets the focus when it get opened.

What I noticed :
when launching the new window application, the launcher hide itself, but as the window is not maximized , the launcher reappear, that is why the window looses the focus once opened.

way to reproduce it : launch an application
if the application is not maximized and far away from the launcher, the window looses the focus.

very Important : observe all details when the window is getting opened : the launcher hide itself and reappear again after the window is opened , I think this behavior is related to other bugs with same problem : Bug 729929, Bug 728690 and other related.
 May be here that is main problem.