Comment 14 for bug 635258

Paul Smith (psmith-gnu) wrote :

I'm not sure what it means that this bug is marked "fixed released"... it seems to have been fixed on Oct 17 but it's not Oct 21 and there's still no package available (for Maverick) containing this fix. I do have all my Ubuntu repos enabled including proposed.

What's the relationship between a bug being marked as "fixed released" and a package showing up available for download? Is there some kind of extra state that is set or comment added to launchpad when the package is available?

This bug is just killing me; the borderWidth change discussed in the Red Hat bug doesn't work reliably, and having to resize each of my windows when I create them (esp. given the other long-standing Ubuntu bug about resize handles being impossibly thin) is very frustrating; I use xterm exactly because my workflow tends to create/destroy a LOT of terminal windows, all the time.

Thanks for the quick work on this and I can't wait to get access to the fix!