Comment 6 for bug 455241

Julien Olivier (julo) wrote :

WeatherGod: here's what is happening for me with Compiz activated:
 - I click on Firefox icon to launch it.
 - While Firefox is loading, I click on a terminal and start typing text.
 - Now, the Firefox window finally appears in front of the terminal, but the focus is still on the terminal. That means that I can continue typing text into the terminal, but the Firefox window is hiding the terminal window.

Using plain metacity, the behaviour is even worse: when the Firefox window appears, it steals focus from the terminal, which means that it appears in front of the terminal AND new key strokes appear in the Firefox window.

I think that Compiz behaviour is almost perfect. The only problem is that the newly opened Firefox window should appear behind the terminal window, and the Firefox entry in the window list should be blinking to indicate that it's now ready to use.

As for your second question, if I open an EOG window from Nautilus, I expect the EOG window to get focus except if I interact with the Nautilus window before the EOG window appears.