Comment 15 for bug 455241

Daniel Loureiro (loureirorg) wrote :

Still happening in Ubuntu 14.04. I'm on Sublime, so I open an app like Chrome and while this app is loading, I'm go back to Sublime and continue to write. So, after a while, Chrome loads, steal the focus and before my brains know it, I'm typing the Sublime text on Chrome, leading to a mess :P

This is very annoying because I open and close apps (or they open dialogs automatically) very often, as well I write very often, and because this random focus steal, I always have to check if I'm writting on the right place, like a paranoid.

I'm already developed an ctrl+s like syndrome (you know, the one that you write few words, save, then write more two or three words, save again and so on). I have to write some words, so I stop and check the focus, type more few words, check again, type more few words, ... This is really annoying for all those who have fast fingers and who are hardcore keyboard users.