Comment 23 for bug 301174

Wishlist? No, I think we've lost sight of what issue this bug refers to. I'm not terribly sure it's been assigned to the correct packages, either.

In multiple applications, in both metacity and compiz, the computer acts as old computers did when you had no sound card; there are no nifty wav (mp3, ogg, whatever) sounds played, the computer only plays a beep. I'm not sure where the problem lies. We've had confirmation that this happens in transmission, firefox, gnome-terminal and in the GTK+ demo application as well. No one (that I've seen) has confirmed this bug in KDE or any other desktop environment (xfce, openbox etc) than gnome. I find it hard to believe that this is an identical bug in metacity /and/ compiz- it seems more like a setting or library both of them draw upon, like pulseaudio or alsa or the audio system somehow- maybe something gnome related. Regardless (it may be a bug in both compiz and metacity for all I know) this is certainly not a wishlist it is a bug, and a reproducible one at that. A file is set as the default alert sound in the gnome control center sound panel, yet that sound doesn't play, and neither does the selected shutdown sound. I'm not sure why this was changed to a wishlist item.

I'm going to give appropriate parties from compiz and metacity (who should be subscribed to this bug) a few days to correctly triage this bug before I set it to confirmed in both compiz and metacity, with importance low (since I'm not one to define priority for other developers). From what I understand of bug triaging, wishlist is for adding non-critical features, not for categorizing when a program fails to act as advertised.

For those looking to turn down the volume of or disable the beep altogether, browse the comments of the duplicates of this bug - that has been addressed elsewhere. You can usually find a mixer slider for your speaker sounds and turn that down or mute it completely. The fact that the beep is too loud by default is a completely different bug which has been filed elsewhere, please excuse me for not remembering exactly where or finding it for you right now. I'm just hoping this bug report gets in front of the right people, which I don't think it has yet.